During this time, Ken MIller has accumulated power through favors, rewarding his friends and punishing anyone that dares question him and his motives. While he portrays himself a down-on-the-farm simple farmer, Ken Miller is all about one thing.  Ken Miller. The township is "his".  Cross him, and you may just have to move out of the township. Some have.


This power has allowed Ken Miller to do a great many things and remain unconstrained. For example,  most property owners would have their land and houses sold at execution sale for non-payment of property taxes.  Ken Miller was as far as 10 years behind in the payment of his property taxes, yet the county did nothing until it was released to the newspaper. His farm is most likely the largest polluter in all of West Vincent. As a supervisor, he has a certain amount of political influence with governmental offices.  Even after a resident forced the EPA to come out to Miller's farm and a scathing report was written with pictures, Ken Miller has never implemented any of their plans and work they required to stop the runoff into the pristine, exceptional-value stream called the Birchrun. No further action has been taken by either the EPA or the DEP.


Many years ago, Ken Miller increased his sphere of influence by also becoming Roadmaster of the township allowing him to manipulate the largest part of the township budget.  In charge of the Roads Department with this 20 hour per week job,  he controls those purse strings, the distribution of those $1,084,920 funds (the highest Roads budget in the area),  the management of those personnel  and the awarding of those contracts for an annual salary of $27,000.00 plus Health benefits of approximately $18,000.  As Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, it is unlikely he would be replaced under any circumstances.


Ken Miller has worked actively to place people fully dedicated to him in every facet of the local government of West Vincent Township.  They hold his secrets in trade for a paycheck.  For everything Miller does, there is a hidden cost ...and you pay for it.


From private parties on the taxpayers' dime to eminent domain seizure  of private property to gross mismanagement of the Roads Department, the regime of Ken Miller touches every resident in the township, most without ever knowing.  Now you will, if you take the time to read this site.



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