And the award for most creative way to skew a bid in favor of a vendor goes to........ KEN MILLER!

Ken Miller is also the Roadmaster so he is in charge of anything associated with the roads

West Vincent advertises for bids for a tractor

I think the only thing the Roadmaster forgot is to include the serial number of the tractor he already has picked out at the dealer that has it in inventory. How strange would it be that there would be a used tractor that would have all of these attachments on it and be ready to go. This is so specific that it most likely negates any other manufacturer from being able to supply the same thing, rendering the competition's equipment ineligible for this bid. I'll go as far as to make a guess at who wins the bid on this tractor tonight at 7:30 pm. Like betting on the SuperBowl, I am going to say that the only bid will come from Stephenson Equipment. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right. Let's see. Read more.....

And at the next meeting, Miller admitted it!

On Monday I made a prediction that the West Vincent Public Bid for a certain piece of a equipment was probably a setup and the equipment already existed. That e-mail has the specifications for the equipment listed. I sent the e-mail out 8 minutes before the meeting. According to the official Township video, I was correct on my entire prediction except for one thing, the DEALER! Everything else I said was true. The Roadmaster and Chairman of the West Vincent Board of Supervisors Ken Miller set the specifications for the "Open" bid to a specific piece of used equipment that was for sale. A copy of the ad is at the end of this e-mail. That way, the requirements were so precise that it would be next to impossible for anyone to compete. It is possible only if another dealer had the exact same piece of equipment outfitted the exact same way. This pretty well removes any competition in the bid process - and the idea of this process is that there should be competition to get the best price. Read more....

Time for a Roads Contract

In case you missed it last time I wrote to you, here, below, is the required equipment needed to bid for the town road maintenance contract.  Is it coincidence that it specifies the exact equipment that DL Fleck has available?  For example it specifies that the "4x4 Ext. Hoe" must be a John Deere.  Why a John Deere?  Why does the roller have to be an Ingersoll Rand? There are plenty of other manufacturers that make this equipment, but owning that equipment would not meet the exact bid specifications.  Looks to me like bid rigging. But that's just my opinion. Read more....

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