Ken Miller's Campaign Claims

Have you been reading all of Ken Miller's literature? Postcard after letter after postcard? Have you thoroughly read his website? From what he tells the voter, he is the single reason that West Vincent is the beautiful place. Did you notice what is missing? Proof. There is no proof.


  • No documentation

  • No website links 

  • No records

  • No video


There is nothing to substantiate anything Ken Miller asserts. As a voter, you are a juror. Would you seriously consider testimony without some kind of evidence? Not likely. 



What you do know is that he claimed Eminent Domain of the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show Grounds. He claims the Township never had possession. If that is true, why did the Township letter recieved by the Ludwig's Corner Horse Show Association state "Please be advised that by taking this step, the Township has become the owner of the properties......." Note the word "has", as in post-tense. Not "will become" or intends to become". This means that the Township, while not changing the deed yet, now claimed the property as theirs, thereby taking possession. So when Ken tells you things without proof, it isn't really the truth, in this case not even a half-truth. Ken Miller does a cheap paint job over the facts, knowing that there is no punishment for lying to the public. Read the letter for yourself:

You as a voter get one chance to make it right. Do you really want to elect someone that misleads you  time and time again?

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