Comparing Legal Costs


I'm told that some 3 or 4 hours after my last email about snow clearance both Clare Quinn and Ken Miller's cars were in the parking lot of the township building.  They are not normally at the township building on a Sunday.  Were they having an urgent meeting?  Maybe it was not connected with my email, it could have just been coincidence.  But I'm presuming that if it was a meeting it was urgent, since such meetings are legally not allowed.....Read More...



Township Attorney and Developer Stephen V Siana


Here is an interesting article from a few years ago. It is about the West Vincent Township attorney and "Developer" Steve Siana, as it states in the article.  He did a subdivision here in West Vincent several years ago, and it looks like he sold a lot to.....Read more

Township Attorney is Ken Miller's Attorney


After posting the most recent Judgments for Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of West Vincent Township, I thought I would look into his legal representation. In the Land O' Lakes lawsuit, Ken is protesting and has a lawyer to defend him. The Attorney's name is Michael Thomas Taylor and here is what I discovered. Mr. Thomas works for the firm of Siana, Bellwoar and McAndrew, LLP.  This means that the West Vincent Township attorney Steven Siana is representing Ken Miller. Has this happened before? In short, yes. Read more....

Legal Bills over Budget with 3 months to go


Since it is October, the  West Vincent Township 2012 Budget must be readied soon. 


While there are many interesting issues as to departments and allotments of funds, one that I have spoken about several times previously is the legal bills. I thought I would perform a quick review of the legal bills to date from the Township attorney, Siana, Bellwoar and McAndrew, LLP. All but one of these calculations come from DRAFT Bills List, , not the APPROVED Bills List, simply because the township does not supply the APPROVED version, except in one instance. Therefore, accuracy is dependent upon what is supplied by the website. Read more.....

Legal Cost Overruns once again


In West Vincent, it is clear that the bills will run rampant until another fiscally responsible candidate runs and stops the madness. What bills am I talking about this week? One of the same vendors I have been mentioning for 4 years now (and you can re-read my posts of 17 Oct 2010; 15 Oct, 2012; 5 Nov, 2012) the legal counsel of Siana, Bellwoar.

Some things never change. At the June 23, 2014 West Vincent Township Board of Supervisors meeting, a question was brought up during public comment (6:15 minutes) about legal bills. The video is:

You won't find the question I am referring to in the minutes since the township is now censoring all public comments from the minutes. This leaves only video, which can disappear at any time, as all of last year's did. 

Read more.......

An Analysis of Legal Bills in the Surrounding Area


A correspondent wrote:
"If memory serves me correctly, aren't this firm's legal bills over 10 times per capita the rate of any surrounding township?"
Hmm.  Thanks to my subscriber for his mail. I thought about it and set to work with Google.

From my mail of 17 October 2010 WVT budgeted expenditure was $41 per head and that of the next highest West Pikeland was $6.60 meaning that WVT was actually 6.2 times higher than the next highest surrounding township, not 10 times, so his memory was close but not exact!  Read more....

2014 Legal Bills over budget by $30,000 (25%)


Now that we have arrived in the new year, it is time to do the final calculations on how much the West Vincent Township legal counsel cost the taxpayers. This wraps up a previous e-mail from 3 August, 2014. You will want to read it to refresh your memory. Here are the calculations for this year's legal bills:  Read more....

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