W. Vincent supervisor owes $37,000 in back taxes

By Eric S. Smith, Journal Register News Service


NOTE: The Daily Local News link has been changed for this article:


WEST VINCENT - Township supervisors' Chairman Kenneth Miller Jr. owes more than $37,000 in back county, school district and township taxes and has two properties that are facing tax sales, according to Chester County records.

Miller was confronted about his delinquent taxes by a resident that read the public notice of the tax sale during Monday's board meeting.  Read more........

W. Vincent supervisor owes back taxes on additional properties 

By ERIC S. SMITH, Staff Writer


NOTE: The Daily Local News link has been changed for this article:


WEST VINCENT -- Chester County tax records show that Supervisors' Chairman Kenneth Miller Jr. owes additional back taxes on properties that are not currently listed for tax sale.

Miller owes more than $37,000 in delinquent taxes on two properties that will face tax sale on Sept. 13. Additionally, records show he owes more than $13,000 on two other properties he owns within the township. That brings his total to more than $50,000 in delinquent taxes. Read more....

GROWMARK FS, LLC, Plaintiff, vs. KENNETH I. MILLER, JR. and SUSAN R. MILLER, Defendant(s)


The following is a true document. A link is attached to the original legal notice in the paper. Why doesn't the township add this to the “NOTICES” section of the West Vincent Township website since it involves a township official, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the Roadmaster? 


IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE IN AND FOR NEW CASTLE COUNTY C.A. No: N10J-01433 Judgment No: GROWMARK FS, LLC, Plaintiff, vs. KENNETH I. MILLER, JR. and SUSAN R. MILLER, Defendant(s). NOTICE OF ENTRY OF JUDGMENT TO DEFENDANT(S) TO: KENNETH I. MILLER, JR. 2573 Horseshoe Trail Chester Springs, PA 19425 SUSAN R. MILLER 2573 Horseshoe Trail Chester Springs, PA 19425 Plaintiff in the above-captioned matter intends...Read more

A New Judgment against Miller


Ken Miller has another judgment against him which I had missed.  A lien was put against him by the Commonwealth of PA Department of Revenue for $27,992.98 dated 3/16/2010  Case #2010 - 02949 - LN at  Unfortunately you need to subscribe to chescopin at $10 per month to access these pages.....Read more


More Miller Tax Delinquencies


I really didn't want to revisit the question of Ken Miller's back taxes, and the money he owes, especially since I hear people think I am attacking him unfairly.  I received a couple of letters.  Is this the guy you want to watch over you tax money?  I'm sorry but even if he was my best pal, I wouldn't want to have him handling my money...Read more

Ken Miller Acquires even More Debt


On Monday, April 9, 2012, West Vincent Township will open bids for the mowing of sprayfields for Weatherstone and Matthews Meadows, approximately 21 acres. To review for the new(er) readers and for the long term subscribers, the award of the mowing bid last year was given to Ken Miller, Roadmaster and Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of West Vincent Township. The value of that contract was around $21,500. Last year several sprayheads were damaged. Only AFTER I did research and exposed the fact the the only person that could have done the damage was Ken Miller, he was forced into paying. Even then he only took claim for two. The third was left to the taxpayers, between a $400-$500 bill. Thanks Ken. Read more....

Ken is confronted by Committeeman Tom Helwig

about his Tax Delinquencies (video)

Ken Miller is confronted by Thomas Helwig. Ken does none of the fighting or defending instead he allow the the Township attorney to defend him (WHAT?). Supervisor Zoe Perkins states that half the Senators and Representatives do the same thing (rationalizing that is acceptable conduct). Clare Quin is quite vociferious in her defense of Ken Miller's conduct as well as the Township Attorney. Strangely, this is something that the Township should be appalled by, not embracing.

Taxes and Judgments Paid!

Ken paid off a bunch of his debts in August 2015, some of reaching back a decade! He strung out creditors, hard working people with businesses trying to pay their bills. Some of them farmers, just like him.  How did he do it? He took out a loan. He borrowed money to clean up his ongoing and increasing debt. He couldn't make payments to a credit card (Nationwide) so now he is going to make payments on a Line of Credit? All to clean up his record just for the Election. Just think about that scenario!


A person might feel sorry for him but should you vote for that person? Is it a good idea to let someone that far in debt handle your money? Temptation would be a powerful force to someone in Ken's position, a person that can hire contractors to do work for the township, people paid with tax dollars. Any job under $8000 need no bid. Jobs from $8000 to $19,200 are simply telephonic bids, which can certainly be manipulated.  It's your money, use caution when allowing someone else access to it.

Ken Miller sued by Mennonites and Amish during the 2015 Primary Election


Is this a bad time to mention that during the 2015 Primary Election, it looks like Ken Miller was being sued by a Mennonite for non-payment (3-10-2015) for the amount of $2697.76. Wait, that's not the only one! He was also being sued by what looks to be an Amish family for $4773.74 on 4/20/2015. This totals almost $7500! I surmise its no wonder why Ken Miller didn't spend any money on his own campaign. Read more...

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