Ken Miller the Birchrun Polluter


The following document file was forwarded to me but it took some time to research. I had to make sure that it was legitimate. I also wanted to look into any other information that had been sent to me to see if there was any relationship.

The attached documents are a Department of Environmental Protection report on the Ken Miller's “Birchrun Hills” Farm. It details a violation of the PA Clean Streams Law.  Apparently, Ken stockpiles his cow manure for long periods of time on a hill without a holding area to prevent runoff.  Read more.....

Ken Miller Expands his Realm of Pollution in the Birchrun


Do you remember the DEP report I disclosed just before Christmas about Ken Miller's Farm? To see it, go to my website and look at 21, December, 2011. Are you concerned about his pollution potentially contaminating the Birch Run?  I know who isn't concerned.  All of the local environmental groups.  They all know what is going on, but since it is “poor 'ol farmer Ken Miller”, everything goes tight lipped.  It seems that the environmental groups are willing to sacrifice the environment for their friends. Shameful, isn't it? Read more....

Miller was cited by the DEP a year prior


Continuing with the DEP Report on Ken Miller:

The report mentions a storm drain near the exposed manure pile that appeared to be clean of any contamination. Whether contaminated water makes it into that drain or not does not mean that the water isn't flowing downhill.

Whenever it rains, there is runoff from the Miller Farm that flows across the street (Horseshoe Trail). This has been observed in any heavy rain. This runoff from the manure pile and Miller's barn area carries the contaminants to the downward sloping field across the street (where Miller's veal calves are located). That effluent then goes DIRECTLY to the Birch Run....Read more

EPA Visits Ken Miller's Operation


So, as everyone digests the PA Department of Environmental Protection report on Birchrun Hills Farm, owned by Ken Miller (Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of West Vincent Township) and his wife Susan, who are the producers of Birchrun Hills products such as Veal and their much touted cheese such as Birchrun Blue, I promised more to the story.

It seems that the Feds decided to take a look at what Ken Miller is doing at his farm. I have been forwarded a  website....Read more.....

Ken Miller's Influence to mask his Violations


I thought the article was quite a bit of misinformation on the DEP's part. The DEP told the reporter that they had never been "involved" with the farm until July of 2011. A reader in the comments section pointed out that there was a copy of a document in the EPA report that said the CCCD and the DEP had "multiple complaints" in July of 2010. Wait, did the DEP investigator just forget about that complaint report in the file labeled "Kenneth Miller, Birchrun Hills Farm"? Read more....

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