What is a TDR? A Transferrable Development Right is a mathematical calculation determining how many building lots can be rendered from a property if it were subdivided. Those Development Rights can be sold which then removes the right to build an additional residential structure on that property. If any property owner would like to build on the property, he/she must hold back at least one TDR in order to build the house, unless you are friends with Ken Miller and his cronies.

Selling Development Rights, then Developing!


I read this in the comments section of the Daily News and was intrigued.  No wonder Pam Brown was smiling in that photo I showed you recently. I think I would be smiling if somebody just gave me $102,800 as a recompense not to subdivide my land, then later gave me permission to build a 2,000 sq ft house with a garage, swimming pool, and even a business running from that garage....Read more

Developing on Preserved Ground, cont. (with pictures before and after)


I just told you Pam Brown got lots of money from the township for TDRs then built a house there.  I think I should mention that Pam is West Vincent Open Space Advisory Committee Chairperson and West Vincent Environmental Advisory Committee Member and also the  Conservation Director of the French and Pickering Conservation Trust whose mission statement is “To preserve and protect endangered land and natural resources in the northern Chester County.....Read more

Explaining how Ken Miller Cronies allow their Friends to violate the TDR Rules


On 2/20/2011, Toadhollowman wrote   
You also only report data that is about certain WV people not on Barry's side?   Why not publish about TDR's to others but Pam Brown?   I believe Arty also received TDRs at the same time...and another person...Stop picking and all the facts and then...maybe...some of us on the fence will give more credence to what you say...obviously, you won't stand up to the people you are it that you fear retribution or is there really something else??????.......Read more....



Here is the  "Transfer of Development Rights and Restrictive Covenant Agreement" that Pam signed when she sold her development rights.......Read more


West Vincent officials deny special treatment was given to landowner



WEST VINCENT — A revision to township land use regulations for accessary dwellings is being derided by its critics as the “Pam Brown Ordinance.”

Township supervisors, however, call the criticism a non-issue and note the ordinance was adopted long after the land-use approvals were granted to the homeowner.  And because no one objected four years ago, the matter.....Read more

Missing $50,000 deposit for a TDR purchase


The Open Space issue has brought more interesting issues to light. Remember, this is your money. You, the voters of West Vincent, were in favor of paying taxes to save open space and voted to do so in a Referendum placed on the ballot. The problem is, you trusted the wrong people and there has been no citizen oversight. Here is an interesting TDR issue: Read more....

Oversize House Built on Preserved Ground


Following the monologues of Jim Wendelgass claiming I was mistaken (which I have proved to be misrepresentation of what I said), then the rally of Clare Quinn to do the same (again, a gross misrepresentation), then it was Pam Brown's turn at my investigative research. Below is her transcript and my reply. This information will astound the reader. Read More......

Oversize House Built on Preserved Ground Part 2


Here is the valid Zoning Ordinance during the timeline for the development of Pam Brown's house which pertains to “Accessory Dwellings”.

"Section 2201 Accessory Buildings, Structures, and Dwelling Units:  
E. Accessory Dwellings
Where accessory dwellings, including but not limited to accessory apartments, elder cottages, carriage houses, tenant houses or other accessory dwelling unit types are permitted, the following provisions shall apply: Read more....

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