Ken Miller portrays himself as "just a good ol' boy farmer that ain't doin' nuthin' but tryin' to do the right thing". The fact is, Ken Miller is the consummate liar and will tell you anything at any time in order to get what he wants. Truth is not an option for Ken Miller, it is an impossibility. Watch Ken get caught, over and over again.



Massara vs. West Vincent Township

In this lawsuit, the Roadmaster Ken Miller directed his roadcrew to install drainage pipes under Hollow Road and crossed the entire road rightof way and onto the Massara property to complete the work and dump all of the water in a direct flow. Imagine if that was done on your property. It is clearly illegal for the Roads Department to tresspass onto private property for anything other than maintenance.  Here is a copy of the complaint:

Massara Complaint


Ken Miller claims:

 "It is my opinion that the township engineer carries the bulk of the responsibility for this error, and I tried to persuade the other two supervisors to pursue a claim with the engineering company. They declined to do so, preferring to settle the suit in order to limit the possible downside exposure of the township to further legal fees and other costs."


The Engineer was never included in the lawsuit and should have been from the beginning. You would think that the township would have made sure that the Engineer would have to shoulder the burden if his engineering is defect. That is the point of involving an Engineer, the action protects the taxpayers. This certainly doesn't pass any smell test.


Here is more information on the $200,000 settlement with the Township. Read more.....


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