Year after Year, costs exceed Budget

Road Work

Recently, I spoke about the payments made to D&L Construction (formerly DL Fleck, which operates in an illegal location in the township against a court order but unenforced by the township) for roadwork since awarded the contract back on July 25, 2011. Now let's examine the other costs, such as materials, engineering, etc. Read more....

2014 Roads Budget Exceeded by


The 2014 Budget vs. Actual report clearly sows that the Roads Department, run by Roadmaster Ken Miller ran almost $500,000 over budget. HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! 



Ken Miller will tell you that is because the Township paid cash for a piece of equipment. First, that should be part of the budget, at least in the real world. Second, the equipment didn't cost $500,000. It was around $150,000. The excuse doesn't fly. And really, for almost $1.5 million dollars, what did the residents get? This year, the township has done far more with at least oiling and chipping the roads to give a little bit longer life to what Miller should have been repairing years ago. Here is the link to the entire budget:

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