Supervisor Ken Miller's reaction when he knew he would be awarded no raise by the West Vincent Auditors. State and County employees received no raise that year, but Ken feels he always deserves more. See the video.

In Ken Miller's personal life, he is a tax delinquent with years of tax leins totalling over $40,000 and a multitude of judgments of $100,000 for non-payment of his bills. His farm is a multiple times cited environmental pollution source, dumping it's effluent into the Birch Run, an exceptional-value stream. To this day, he has never remedied the source.  In his political life, he runs the township the same way. From allowing his supporters to build on conserved ground that the taxpayers spent their hard-earned money to the huge cost overruns of the West Vincent Roads department of which he is Roadmaster, Ken Miller uses the Township as his private estate, rewarding his friends and them rewarding him with their support when his candidates are running for political office. Read More........

2 of the 3 Supervisors that voted to Eminent Domain the Ludwig's Corner horse Show property are gone. Only one remains. Ken Miller. Please do not disappoint the former Supervisor and follow her words of advice from 2011:

"When Mr. Miller comes up for election in 4 years, you'll vote him out." Click the video